Your experts in pharmaceutical pastilles

Your experts in pharmaceutical pastilles

Your experts in pharmaceutical pastilles

Your experts in pharmaceutical pastilles

Your experts in pharmaceutical pastilles

From design to industrialisation

Specialising in the production of acacia gum pastilles, we develop and manufacture both recipes with food status or pastilles registered as medicines.

Acacia gum has a neutral taste and gives the pastilles a soft and pleasant texture in the mouth. It is a natural component often used alongside plant extracts, essential oils and other natural ingredients.

Our experts are able to advise you in the search for plants and extracts recognised in the herbal medicine field.


Innovation is the key to our success. For us, innovation means:

  • The development of new products
  • The significant improvement of an existing product in order to enhance it for your customers


Our company, which is located in Switzerland, benefits from a network of skilled and reliable business partners. Our priority goals are to develop and produce in accordance with strict quality control criteria.

Made-to-order product development

As a specialist in pharmaceutical pastilles, we can also adapt to your specifications. Our flexibility and creativity are our assets.

Dehly SA international company

Thanks to a long-term relationship with our foreign partners, we have great expertise in international markets. We export a large part of our production internationally and exploit opportunities to develop new markets.

Achieving success together

From market analysis to product launch, we manage your development project by helping you define specifications and by producing prototypes. On request, we create prototype batches, perform sensory studies and we can also support you in working towards the registration of your products. Throughout the process, we are by your side in order to guarantee a successful launch of your product.

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We innovate

We innovate with you, adapt and refine:

  • The raw material (gum, plants, sugars, sugar-free, flavours)
  • New taste variants. When it comes to masking the bitter taste of certain active substances, we use the specialist knowledge gained from years of experience in this field.
  • New forms for your target groups
  • New recipes
  • New packaging


The formula we have developed, with gum arabic as its basic ingredient, ensures that our pastilles have a soft texture and melt slowly in the mouth, resulting in an agreeable diffusion of their flavours.
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Gum arabic

Gum arabic, the sap that seeps out from the bark of the acacia which is produced by exudation, heals any injury the tree might have.
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Our company benefits from a network of business partners with an established reputation for their know-how in plant selection and skills in the extraction of essences.
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Whatever market you want to serve, we have the packaging you need.
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