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Dehly | our pastilles

spécialiste en confiserie pharmaceutique

Our speciality:
soft pastilles with essential extracts of plants

As our main concern is to develop natural and health-giving products, we have selected the very best that plants so that we can develop specific formulas for each type of pastille.
In the course of the selection process, we only retain those plants with active agents that are already known in phytotherapy, and that give our pastilles an authentic and natural flavour.

The formula we have developed, with gum arabic as basic ingredient, ensures that our pastilles have a soft texture and that they also take a long while to melt in the mouth, thereby resulting in an agreable blending of flavours. This sample of nature possesses all the properties necessary to give you both a sensation of pleasure and well-being.
Like any natural product, the colour and texture of these gumdrops vary depending on the harvest and on the batch of plant extracts that we receive. In spite of these variations, we make absolutely sure that the active agents retain all their purity. And to remain faithful to the natural way in which our products are made – either with or without sugar – no preservatives are allowed in the manufacture of our pastilles.

We are specialists in the manufacture of pharmaceutical pastilles, and we also develop products based on the specific needs of our customers. Our flexibility and our creativity are our strong points, and put us in the forefront of the market.

Gum arabic: a veritable gift from nature

Gum arabic, the sap that seeps out from the bark of the acacia which is produced by exudation, heals any injury the tree might have. This gum, which is rich in compounds taken up from the soil and that become more concentrated through the effect of the sun, is a polysaccharide containing potassium, magnesium, calcium and a number of nutritive elements.. Gum arabic, which has been known for centuries, was and is still used in a large number of areas of application. In particular, in Ouaddaï (a region of Chad), according to an age-old recipe, certain delicacies are prepared from a mixture of gum arabic and fruit paste.

It is an ingredient of fundamental importance in our pastilles, and only the very best quality is selected for our products. Gum arabic has the property of being able to bind the essential oils and the plant extracts at low temperature without altering their active agents. This entirely natural product also has the property of progressively releasing a protective film into the mouth, which preserves the buccal mucous membranes.

A concentrate of beneficial and aromatic natural substances

Our pastilles reveal the authentic flavours of the plants and preserve their natural health-giving properties.